Caesar Salad Dressing

You'll never buy bottled Caesar salad dressing again after trying this one! Caesar salad was always my go-to side in restaurants. If we were eating at home I used to buy those bag kits with everything you need in it... and it was usually a bland mix with wilted lettuce, gross. 

This rich and creamy salad dressing is my family's favorite now. It's not too garlicky and it's not too fishy, it's perfect! My family raves about this salad dressing and I'm sure yours will too. Plus, this recipe is so easy to make and can be customized to your taste.  

Authentic Caesar salad dressing is made with olive oil that is thickened with raw eggs. Since I have young kids I prefer not to risk giving them raw eggs. This recipe is made with mayonnaise so it is safe for them to enjoy too!


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