Trevor Noah on the next UK prime minister: ‘What about Paddington?’

Trevor Noah discussed the resignation of Liz Truss as prime minister and referred to the current state of UK politics as a “shitshow”.

The Daily Show host told his audience that Truss had resigned the position after just 44 days, a new record. “Boris Johnson had Covid parties that lasted longer than that,” he said.

“You realise how hard it is to get tired of someone that quickly?” he said before adding that “Britain hated Liz Truss basically from day one”.

He said that the UK has been going through prime ministers at such a rate that it resembled someone making bad decisions with their dating habits. “Maybe the UK should take things a little slow,” he suggested. “Maybe don’t put a label on it, so much pressure.”

He said that perhaps the next prime minister should be called “the person who lives at 10 Downing Street” instead.

Truss resigned because she was “making worse decisions than a company’s social media manager during black history month” and the British press had “trolled her with vegetables”, using the example of the Daily Star’s viral livestream which asked viewers whether a lettuce could outlast her.

“Imagine being so bad at your job that you lose a joke contest,” he said before adding: “Maybe the lettuce will be the only one that wants the job.”

Noah recounted a particularly dramatic day of arguments, firing and reported tears in parliament, calling it a “shitshow” and comparing it to a “high school drama club rehearsal”.

The resignation of Truss has led some Tories to suggest a comeback for Boris Johnson. Noah said that for many he is “looking pretty good right now, not physically of course”.

But he, like many, found the idea to be head-scratching. “Are you guys really gonna put Boris back in office?” he asked. “There is nobody else that could do this job? In the entire country? What about Paddington? Everybody loves him.”

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