What Pixel Watch features aren’t available at launch?

Here’s what’s coming to Pixel Watch in the future.

We’ve been waiting for the Pixel Watch (opens in new tab) for a very long time. Now that it’s finally here, we’re getting the chance to enjoy the fruits of Google’s labor and take a closer look at the exquisite hardware available to Android smartphone owners the world over.

But, while the Pixel Watch is packed with amazing features that’ll make you feel good about your purchase, Google hasn’t enabled everything just yet. At launch, the Pixel Watch is missing Blood Oxygen Tracking, and Fall Detection features, two important health-related features that will be added in an update in the near future.

Google says that Fall Detection is scheduled to be added in an update this Winter. Google also says that Blood Oxygen Tracking will be added in a future update but wasn’t specific as to when exactly this update will arrive.

Additionally, the ECG feature only works in the following countries:

That’s certainly a hefty list of places that ECG officially works, but it’s important to know that if you’re living outside of one of those listed countries, ECG is not officially supported on the Pixel Watch.

Lastly, Google’s automatic workout tracking feature is a virtual unknown right now. While Google shows the feature is missing from Pixel Watch on this comparison page (opens in new tab), other pages say that workout auto start is only available for walking, running, cycling, elliptical, and rowing. This feature will likely be added in a final software update, but we’ll have to wait to be sure.

If Pixel Watch still looks good after knowing these things, these Pixel Watch deals (opens in new tab) will get you one for less than that $350 MSRP. Ready to have the most beautiful smartwatch ever made adorn your wrist? Pixel Watch is certainly ready for you.

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