About Us

Hey There!

I love food and love to cook. I also love coffee and cats a bit too much... I used to love eating out too... I always loved to cook, it's almost therapeutic for me. Still, I ate in restaurants way more than I'd like to admit. Let's be honest, the food in restaurants just tastes so good and I thought it would be impossibly hard to replicate the things I loved to eat in restaruants at home. I so was wrong!

So here's the story...

It all began one fateful morning at my son's doctor's appointment. My mother came along that day. As the doctor went though all the questions she had one in particular caught my mother's attention. "How many times a week does your son eat out?" the doctor asked. "None, he only eats at home!" I proudly replied. My mother decided it was a good time to chime in, "That's not true, you eat out all the time..." Yes, I did eat out all the time, my kids did not.

What Happened?

Why did my kids strictly eat at home? Their health of course! I found it too hard to trust a stranger to make healthy, safe food for my kids. I imagined them dropping some on the floor and putting it back on the plate, or maybe they would forget to wash their hands, or maybe there were even mice in the kitchen, you get the idea.

Why did I take these risks with my own health? Laziness is the main reason. I wrongly assumed it was too difficult and time consuming to make restaurant quality food at home. Thanks to that eye-opening moment at the doctor's office I decided to make a change. I began making all the things I loved to order in restaurants and found that it was so much easier (and tastier) than I thought it would be. Now I want to share these recipes, tips, and tricks with you!