Strictly Come Dancing: week six – live!

So that’s it for this year’s Strictly Halloween Spooktacular – normal non-feem service will resume next week, which I think we’re all probably quite relieved about. Thank you all for joining in and being the something strange in my neighbourhood – I’ll be back next week at 7pm for another twirl around the Strictly dancefloor. In the meantime you can find me on Twitter or Insta @heidistephens if you fancy saying hello. Have an excellent week! Hx

The judges all save Fleur and Vito, although Anton points out that they both danced better last night. I mean, he’s not wrong.Which means JAMES AND AMY are leaving Strictly.

Talking of baffling concepts, it’s time for Fleur to dance her Salsa. Still no idea what this is all about.I actually really enjoyed this last night, but on second viewing I can see what the judges meant about finish and getting her feet together. A bit of a fall coming out of that lift, and this is full of mistakes too. Has she done enough? EEK.

Who is joining Fleur and Vito in the bottom two? Hamza and Jowita are safe, along with Kym and Graziano, Tony and Katya, Molly and Carlos and Helen and Gorka.Which means JAMES AND AMY in the dance-off.That’s BYE, James Bye, surely? I can’t see the judges choosing him over Fleur unless she really messes this up – they were five points apart on the leader board.

Lovely to see Motsi in those Elizabethan sleeves off Antiques Roadshow, and Shirley in the legendary Flavia wig. Also can now confirm that Tess and Claudia BOTH have flares going on. They seem to be very much the thing this season.

Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of Rina Sawayama singing her single, This Hell. Very theme-appropriate, although I confess to not being familiar with her work. The internet tells me that she specialises in alt-pop, electro-pop and art-pop, which leaves me very much none the wiser, although it sounds like shouty Shania Twain to me.

So which couple is the first in tonight’s Dreadful Dance Off? Ellie S and Nikita are safe, along with Tyler and Dianne and Ellie T and Johannes and Will and Nancy.First couple in the bottom two: FLEUR AND VITO.Well, that’s a shame. But if it’s Tony or James, she’ll be staying anyway.

And we’re off! Tonight’s spellbinding pro dance tells the Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun because he was an idiot and his dad made him a rubbish set of wings. Nikita is playing Icarus, and has waxed his chest for the occasion.I have many questions about this breathy emo version of ‘Come Fly With Me’ (including ‘why?’), but no idea what this has to do with Halloween. I guess the original mythological story ends in a watery death? *shrug emoji*


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