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A WOMAN in her 40s is still hiding a tattoo she had done more than 20 years ago from her parents.

Emma Bradford had a butterfly inked on the back of her shoulder after getting wasted on her gap year in Thailand in 1998, but has kept it a secret from her mum and dad for fear of getting a huge bollocking.

Bradford said: “It was a spur of the moment thing after I’d consumed some questionable mushrooms at a full moon party. I loved it at the time but as I’ve aged it less resembles a butterfly and more an obese pigeon.

“It’s been an absolute pain in the arse to remember not to wear a strappy top when I see them, and I never swim on family holidays, but it’s better than mum getting furious and calling me a ‘council estate scutter’. She’s a massive snob.”

Mum Mary said: “Emma thinks we don’t know about her tattoo, but she’s forgetting all those Instagram holiday photos where she’s wearing a bikini and it’s clearly visible.

“We couldn’t give a monkey’s, especially since I had a sexy dragon tattooed on my hip during our second honeymoon. But it amuses us to keep her paranoid and worried.”

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