14 Unique Teacher Gifts for the Holidays 2022

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Teachers deserve an extra thank you during the holidays. These dedicated heroes take care of our children, plan lessons, spend hours grading and so much more. It’s nice to show appreciation for their hard work during the holidays with a trinket or special present. Sometimes winter break sneaks up on us, but this year we’ll be ready with a great gift.

Plan your presents now with our comprehensive gift guide, packed chock-full of unique ideas for teachers. Whether you’re spending $18 or $100, you’ll find something special here to show you care. The $25 range is common when budgeting for teacher gifts, but many classes organize to go in on one present together. We’ve got suggestions for class gifts too: an air purifier or Amazon card are solid buys. If you’re on your own, a personalized gift for the classroom is thoughtful, like a stamp or note pad. We’ve got other practical picks, including a filtered water bottle and a sturdy tote bag, and of course, there are suggestions for classics like chocolates or candles. And even if you can’t spend on teachers this year, a personal note goes a long way too.

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