Sunday with Don Warrington: ‘I can look out the window for hours’

Up early or lie-in? I like a bit of a lie-in. I listen to BBC Radio 4 at 9am on a Sunday morning. What I have for breakfast depends on where I am. If I’m out here in Guadeloupe [filming Death In Paradise], where I am for five or six months of the year, I’ll go for some croissant and coffee. Back in England I’ll go for something cereal-based.

Sunday mornings? In the Caribbean, the sea is just around the corner, so I’ll have a swim or a stroll. In England, breakfast seems to last a long time.

Big Sunday lunch? Not particularly. Over here, there’s a restaurant that does lovely local fish dishes with rice and vegetables. In England, I tend to have roast chicken and salad, but in the evening. Not very exciting, but there we are.

Sunday afternoon? In England I’d go for a walk and maybe watch some football. I’ve been a Manchester United fan since the days of George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton.

Sunday housework? It’s not something I plan on a Sunday. I do housework as I go. Most things I’m bad at. I’m not very organised. If I’m shooting the next day, I’ll go over lines I’ve already learned at some point in the early evening.

Sundays growing up? Nothing happened on a Sunday in Newcastle. It was the day of rest, but when you’re a kid, you don’t want to rest – you want to have fun. They were a bit boring.

Current Sunday reading? Those Bones Are Not My Child by Toni Cade Bambara, which is food for thought.

Sunday religion? I like Sundays to be calm. That would be my religion. I can look out the window for hours and it’s not boring. A couple of glasses of white wine is always nice, too.

Dread or look forward to Monday mornings? I take the days as they come. I’m kind of Buddhist like that.

Don Warrington stars in The World According to Grandpa, Saturdays and Sundays on Channel 5

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  • Cody Greenholt

    It’s nice to sit at work. It’s nice to get my mind off this boring job. Relax, and read the information written here 🙂

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