This Shower Product Is My Secret To Soft, Glowing Skin All Winter Long

Don’t let the term shower oil confuse you; this will clean your skin, too—but it’s way more hydrating than a typical wash. While many shower soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils, this product actually incorporates oils to replenish your skin as it cleanses.

Along with coconut oil—a signature in all Kopari products—the formula packs avocado, hibiscus seed, and passionfruit seed oil for a hydrating powerhouse that’s rich in vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. I’ve tried a few shower oils, but none have really compared to Kopari’s. Others felt more like I was greasing up for a massage than actually washing my skin. With this formula, I leave the shower feeling squeaky clean—just with that healthy, natural glow.

What’s more, the oil packs a skin care powerhouse: vitamin C. The antioxidant brightens skin and promotes balanced pigmentation1 (i.e., an even skin tone), making this formula the secret to glowing skin, no matter the season. Plus, the vitamin offers long-term benefits, as it stimulates collagen production to slow down the skin’s aging process and protects from environmental aggressors, which is especially important in harsh winter conditions.


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